Soup Club is a passion project by author and cook Caroline Wright. Caroline is a cookbook author who runs a vegan soup club for her friends in Seattle during the rainy season that features her original recipes every week. This cookbook, Soup Club, is a collection of those recipes combined with the joyful energy of the club itself through original soup-inspired artwork from her members. It is unlike any soup book out there.

See for yourself: here is a sample of its first 25 pages.

This is the book I’ve always wanted to write, the book I’ve wanted all of my cookbooks to be in different ways: a mix of beautiful and useful in high order, brimming with recipes that are as deeply personal as they are tasty. It’s a book defined by its differences, rather than its similarities, to others on my shelf. It’s a book filled with equal parts health and soul, simplicity and heartiness. Welcome to the club.