Broccoli and Rice Soup

Mar 25, 2022

While we’re on the subject of casseroles, I wanted to shake up another classic casserole and pour it into a bowl: broccoli and rice, except without the usual pairings of cheese or chicken. I was convinced I could cram all that comfort into the bowl even without the meat or dairy, and thought I could clean up its reputation entirely by tossing in mung beans. My version is still a one-pot dinner that will leave you full, happy and healthy – no processed food in sight.

Serving Suggestions:

  • Miss the cheese? We crumbled feta on top because that’s how we roll in the Wright house.
  • Miss the chicken? Shred a rotisserie chicken and stir it in while reheating.
  • Top it with crumbled Ritz crackers. (They’re actually vegan. Here’s proof from PETA.)

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Yes, all this fun and love went into the recipe. That’s why it tastes so good.

I bet this soup would inspire an actual catfight! LOL



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