Persian Herb and Noodle Soup

Mar 11, 2022

All of you probably know this by now, but I was really sick a few years ago. It involved a lot of complicated things I won’t get into right here, but it also involved a lot of healing with soup. Soup materialized everywhere, filling our cooler outside, our refrigerators and freezers inside. This vibrant emerald soup was sent home from work with my husband just as the weather turned warmer and the flowers were beginning to peek out. I learned it was Ash Reshteh, a Persian soup made to mark the beginning of Spring. It traditionally has long noodles in it to symbolize health and long life; eating them made me feel warm and hopeful. So, in honor of celebrating life and Spring like I do right about now with my own rituals, I wanted to make this soup for you.

Serving Suggestions:

  • This soup is traditionally served with whey stirred in – in case you don’t have any of that laying around, use Greek yogurt and call it a day
  • Don’t listen to me, take it from one of my girl crushes, Samin Nosrat, on her 10 essential Persian recipes and figure out your menu

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Yes, all this fun and love went into the recipe. That’s why it tastes so good.




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