West African Vegetable Stew

Feb 4, 2022

When my husband and I first moved to New York (without jobs, mind you), we had a very humble tradition as the weather grew crisp. We would buy soup from a takeout spot and walk to Central Park from our apartment in Hell’s Kitchen. We would eat the soup perched on a smooth, gigantic rock and nestled into our hidden spot in plain view of our new city. I always chose an African Peanut Stew, which I hadn’t had before then, for its richness and newness. Part of me thought it matched the whole scene, I think. And it remains one of my favorite soups, so I thought I would make it for you here.

Serving Suggestions:

  • Add rotisserie chicken
  • Add dashes of hot sauce (the traditional sort is quite fiery)
  • Stir in leftover roasted vegetables

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Yes, all this fun and love went into the recipe. That’s why it tastes so good.

This stew is similarly satisfying.



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